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Welcome to Mental Illness Support.

This community was set up as a place where people with mental illness can find a place to express themselves, discuss mental illnesses, and find support. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS COMMUNITY AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL HELP! I have the philosophy that given the right kind of environment, people can and will come together to help each other. As someone with a mental illness, I have faced the negative stigma and longed for support, and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with these feelings. I want this to be a place where people feel comfortable enough to tell their stories, to come forward and give support to others if they can, and just to give people some hope that they can make it through each day.

I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE AN EXPERT!! I can only speak from my own experiences, and I'm still ignorant about many different kinds of mental illnesses. I hope that I can learn more from you and I offer you a chance to tell your own story so we can have a better understanding of what we're dealing with and provide each other with support. I FULLY ADMIT that I'm probably way in over my head about this, but I figured that this might be a good place to start.

I hope that this community grows as a place where people can come to support each other. Even if I only help a single other person, I'll regard this as a success. Please feel free to comment and post your own thoughts, and if you're going through a difficult time, I hope that I can provide some sort of comfort for you. Even if I never learn your real name or ever see your face, I care. There ARE people out there that care about you. You're NOT useless, and the fact that you're still alive shows that you have the strength to overcome your problems. Let's help each other find our happiness.

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